Mechanical Demining Equipment

Remote Controlled Mechanical Demining Equipment has been designed with the latest technology to neutralize anti-personnel mines and clear the existing vegetation in the field. The equipment has many superior features in field performance, fast part replacement, and the use of multiple devices compared to its equals. It is also easy to transport by different vehicles, offers ease of use for different purposes and projects with the machine’s modular design, and ease of service with more than one maintenance cover.

Equipment with superior installments; It has a body designed for harsh conditions and a metal plate resistant to external forces, engine air intake protection filter system, Armox 500T protection shield made of armor steel, steel pallet providing maximum durability against hard floors and tiller attachment made of easily replaceable carbide tips.



Vehicle’s Units and Systems

Remote Control and Video Monitoring Unit
Along with displaying vehicle information, It is a wireless system where cameras can be monitored and videos can easily be recorded.

Video Monitoring and Recording Unit
The unit, which has a daytime visibility monitor and SSD disc unit, is a system where onboard cameras can be monitored and zoomed.

Control Unit
With this unit, which can be used wirelessly, can be easily removed from the bag and operated with a battery, vehicle movements can be controlled and vehicle and engine information can be displayed.

On-Board Control Unit
It is an electronic control system that on-board cameras, engine ECU systems, electronic sensors and hydraulic valves are connected.

Wireless Transfer
It is a system designed to communicate in real time with its remote control and video monitoring unit.

Front Cameras
EX-Proof camera system with HD image quality, designed for the remote control unit.

Attachment Sensors
These electronic systems automatically detect digging depth to prevent any damages to the attachment.

Hydraulic Sensors
It is an early prevention system that detects faults by real time analysis of hydraulic equipment and that protects the machine.



Length Without Attachment:
4478 mm
Total Length (With the attachment):
6650 mm
Width Without Attachment:
1610 mm
Total Width (Vehicle):
2540 mm
Total Width (Attachment):
2320 mm
Mine Clearance Width:
1780 mm(Flail) – 1902 mm (Tiller)
  Pallet Track Width:
1710 mm
2040 mm
Can it be transported with a 40 container?:
Mass | Basic vehicle (Prime mover w/lubricants, no fuel):
9545 kg
Mass | Basic vehicle (Prime mover w/lubricants & fuel):
9791 kg
  Mass | Detachable unit(s) (w/std. flail tool):
2769 kg
Mass | Detachable unit(s) (w/std. tiller tool):
3261 kg
Mass | Overall (w/std. flail tool, w/lubricants, no fuel):
12314 kg
Mass | Overall (w/std. flail tool, w/lubricants & fuel):
12806 kg
Mass | Overall (w/std. tiller tool, w/lubricants & fuel):
13052 kg


Engine Make & Model :
DEUTZ-TCD2013L62V Diesel Engine
Engine Power:
200 kW
Fuel Capacity :
290 l
Fuel Consumption:
30-35 l/h
Cooling System :
Water Cooling
Oil Capacity:
Hydraulic Oil Capacity:
280 l


Ground Bearing Pressure:
0,63 kg/cm²
Ground Clearance (From Ground to Vehicle’s Body):
275 mm
Power Transmission :
Hydrostatic System
Gearbox Oil Capacity:
1 L
  Transport Speed:
4 km/s;
Operating Speed in Clearing Mode :
0,5-1 km/s
Carrying Capacity:
14000 kg
Protection Level:
Armox 500T and V-Shape Hull
Blast Resistance:
8 kg TNT
  Maximum Gradeability :
Maximum Slip Inclination:
Trench Width (w/std. double tool):
1,5 m
Working Speed (m²/h):
Light Soil | Medium Vegetation : 1900 m²/h
Medium Soil | Medium Vegetation 1425 m²/h
Heavy Soil | Dense Vegetation 950 m²/h
Method of Operation:
MIL STD 810-G Remote Control

Remote Control

  Communication Range :
> 500 m
Battery Life:
>8 S
Power Sources:
24 V-12 V
Vehicle Information Feedback:
Equipment Safety, Monitoring and Protection:
Water, engine oil and hydraulic fluid temperature indicator,
Fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil level indicator,
Engine speed and operating hour indicator,
Vehicle battery charge and voltage indicator,
Battery charge indicator,
Engine failure codes notification,
Vehicle horizontal and vertical inclination indicator.
    Remote Control Protocol:
12’’ LCD Panel
Video Control System:
360° Visibility with 3 Ex-Proof Protected Cameras

Electronic Systems

    Battery Voltage:
24 V (2 X 12 V)
Battery Capacity:
250 Ah (2 X 125 Ah)
Embedded systems:
7 "LCD screen and control unit,
IP cameras that can transmit images wirelessly,
ECU for engine and valve control.


6-20 mm Hardox 450
10 mm Armox™500T
Attachment Frame:
10 mm Armox™500T
6-10-20 mm Welldox 700-Hardox 450
Inside of Attachment:
10 mm Armox™500T

Specifications of Mine Clearing Attachments

  Type of Coupling:
Quick Coupling
Digging Attachments:
Tiller / Chain
Digging Depth:
Up to 30 cm, Depending on Speed and Terrain
Flail/Tiller Tool Dimensions (LxWxH):
Flail/Tiller Tool Weight:
2769 kg (Flail) / 3261kg(Tiller)
  Flail/Tiller Tool Clearing Width:
1780 mm(Flail) / 1902 mm (Tiller)
Flail Drum Diameter (mm):
T1000 mm
Number of Chains (Flail Attachment):
Flail Rotation Speed (rpm):
800 rpm
Tiller Drum Diameter (mm):
1000 mm
  Tiller Rotation Speed (rpm):
400 rpm
Number of Chisels (Tiller Tool):
Digging Depth Control:
Adjustable Height of Flail Skids&Boom hydraulic control
40HC Container, Trailer, Cargo Aircraft (C130 or similar), Helicopter
Additional Attachable Working Tools:
Segmented Roller,Dozer Blade,Rotational Gripper



Tested and evaluated by TURMAC (Turkish Mine Action Center) team whom are certified by CROMAC (Croatian Mine Action Center) in test areas of 2. Orduİstihkam Alay Komutanlığı in Malatya. Tests have been completed successfully against M14, M2A4, DM11(Supported by TNT; in total 8 kg), M6A2 mines in accordance with ITEP Standards.